Seiren Mini microphone
Image Credit: Razer

A quality mic is critical in the event that you are trying to attract an audience. The expense, notwithstanding, and huge range of devices to browse through may end up being a difficult choice. With that in mind, Razer is betting that it can make excellent mics more accessible. RAZR recently released the Seiren Mini USB microphone. The company claims that it is a ‘studio-grade’ mic. It’s tiny, at only 6.42 inches tall, and it’s price isn’t much larger. It’s just $50.

Razer’s USB Mini mic isn’t as state-of-the-art as it’s other Seiren branded microphones, but it does, however, have a high-quality supercardioid pickup to provide increased frequency response and noise reduction. Also, the Seiren mini has a 14mm condenser that provides ‘crisp and accurate’ sound. The mic also has built-in shock absorbing to help dampen out those pesky vibrations.

Razer arguably makes some of the best PC peripherals that you can find. So, it’s nice to see these guys produce another low cost, high performance device. Keeping consistent with Razer design, the Seiren Mini microphone is visually appealing. Razer nearly meets Apple’s quality standards in terms of hardware fit and finish. The company utilizes an extraordinary attention to detail when designing their products.

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