Apple’s making its new iPhone power adapter and EarPods a little cheaper. The computer pioneer officially confirmed that it’s latest iPhones will wont come with the usually included accessories. Now, the company has its Lightning-connected EarPods and the all-new 20 Watt iPhone A/C adapter on the Apple Store for just $19 bucks. That’s $10 off the normal price of both of those.

We have long heard that the new iPhones won’t be coming with EarPods chargers anymore. And well, that turned out to be true. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the fact that Apple has been shipping it’s Watches without all along. Apple said that they made this choice for environment reasons. When it announced the iPhone 12, Apple took the time to prepare it’s customers, explaining that shipping without accessories would reduce its products’ manufacturing needs.

Apple has mentioned before that a great many of it’s customers have already switched to wireless earbuds, anyway. So, the company removing that accessory in particular will allow Apple to ship its devices a lot easier without having to worry about getting too much flack for it. You have to consider the sheer number of iPhones the company ships to customers. Tiny savings, and their environmental impacts, add up. So, officially, the iPhone 11, XR and SE, will ship without EarPods and chargers. This really isn’t too much to be concerned with. This is not too much to worry about. Chargers are cheap and besides, you have to replace them regularly anyway.

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