We all know that the iPhone 12 is going to be Apple’s fastest iPhone yet. Of course, it will be. Why on Earth would they make a slower one? It will have all the bells and whistles: a faster CPU, a more powerful graphics processor, 5G connectivity, and the latest version of iOS.

What can make the iPhone 12 feel even faster?

More than anything else, though, there is one new feature premiering with the iPhone 12 that will make it feel super fast. A 120hz display. So, its just a rumor, but if Cupertino implements a high-refresh-rate display in the next iPhone, fans are going to be more than pleased. A standard display updates its image 60 times a second. While this is impressively fast, the rumored 120Hz display will double that.

In general, as a display’s refresh rate increases, the perceived speed of the user interface does as well. When you tap on an app, a high-refresh-rate makes the app appear to open much faster. Some higher-end Android devices like the Google Pixel 4 and OnePlus 8 Pro have 90 and 120 Hz displays. Apple, however, has never pushed their displays beyond the 60 Hz mark.

There are two inherent issues that come along with high-refresh-rate displays. First, pixel density is often sacrificed due to bandwidth limitations caused by the usually high amount of screen updates.

Secondly, updating a display twice as much is going to use more power. Apple traditionally has leaned towards battery life when making design choices. Excellent battery life has been one of the biggest selling points for the iPhone since its introduction. Because of this, expect Apple’s implementation to turn on only as needed.

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