AirTag Trackers

If you were expecting Apple to release its AirTag item trackers during its October 13th iPhone event, you are in for a disappointment. Apple rumor pusher Jon Prosser claims that Cupertino has pushed back it’s release of AirTags until March of next year at the very soonest. This news comes with no explanation as to why.

AirTag trackers will directly compete with ‘Tile Trackers‘ and other Bluetooth and RFID-based tracking tech. Apple’s trackers, however, are going to include a set of unique features that will set it apart. For example, if you’ve got an iPhone 11 or newer device that has UWB (Ultra WideBand) support, you’ll be able to get a pretty precise location reading. One that is accurate enough to be able to found out exactly where in a room your items are. Another thing is that Apple’s AirTags are going to able able to store your contact info. This will be useful to be able to send you a notification if and when an Apple device spots your item.

This probably wont be the only device that’s missing at the October 13th presentation. Prosser also mentioned that Apple’s in-house headphones more like likely won’t show up, either. Although Prosser didn’t know anything about a time-frame, he did fill us in on pricing. The will be a ‘sport’ model will costs $350 and their is a $599 premium version with leather and metal.

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