Life is the most common thing in the universe. By a huge margin, there are more forms of life in this universe than anything else. You may disagree for one or more reasons, but hey, its ok to be wrong. If life happened here, that means it will happen anywhere the conditions are right for it. Will. Not can.

This is where my view of things diverges from main-stream science. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I fully respect science and I am aware that science itself is totally infallible. Infallible as in, totally incapable of error. An error may be made in the use of science, but science itself is not the wrong-doer. In fact, just like diamonds and Chuck Norris, only science can prove or disprove science.

Science is based on the concept of verification through evidence. While I agree that there is no evidence of life on other worlds, there are mountains of evidence that back up how life was created and what conditions it takes to create at least one form of life, DNA. I agree that the statement, ‘Life is the most common thing in the universe.’ cannot be said with absolute factual certainty. But then again, no statement can be.

It’s all about probability

No system is 100% efficient, and a 100% accurate measurement of anything is impossible. That’s why your bottle of hand sanitizer only kills 99.99% of bacteria. It all ends up coming down to a certain level of certainty. The scientific community has a very high standard of their margins of error, and for good reasons that I fully support.

The claim I’m making is neither a fact, hypothesis, law, or theory. But it’s correct, real, true, and accurate. Disagree? Prove it. I’m not challenging you to disprove something I have not proven. I’m asking you to prove that your choice to disagree with me is correct, by disproving my claim.

Life pops up when the right materials are in the right conditions for the right amount if time. That is what it takes to make life, there are no other factors involved. So, all it takes are the right compounds on the right planet around the right star and life will form. That’s how it happened here. You may have a differing view than me on why that happened and what is responsible for it happening, but regardless, it happened.

It is common knowledge that the elements that make up life are the most common elements in the universe in almost the same proportions. We know that the Sun is but one of hundreds of billions of stars, and we know that most stars have planets. Now, remember. The Milky Way Galaxy is only one of a yet-to-be totally counted set of hundreds of billions of galaxies. It seems really unlikely, then, that life would only be found here on Earth.

Where are all the aliens, tho?

Everywhere. Like I said, life is the most common thing in the universe. Although complex, multicellular, intelligent life is certainly a small subset of life in general, the number of advanced civilizations is still a very large number considering just how much life is out there.

Why haven’t we found aliens yet, then?

Because we haven’t looked yet. We have never had the ability to look at places where life can form. Not outside out solar system anyone. Simply put, telescopes aren’t capable of detecting planets small enough. This is why the first planets we found were ‘Hot Jupiters’ and ‘Super Earths’. Plain and simple, bigger things are easier to see than small things.

Bacteria fossils on mars
wow signal
methane on mars

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