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Google is re-branding its productivity suite in an attempt to cater more to individuals who work remotely. First it was called Google Apps, then it got rebranded to G Suite. Now, G Suite is being rebranded to Google Workspace. It comes with a fresh logo and branding but that’s really all. The motive, here, is to make it clear to the average person that this is a place where you can get your work done.

Google Workspace complete rebrand

Gmail, and all the other applications in Google productivity suite is getting a new logo. In the rebrand for Google Workspaces, the Gmail envelope is now being switched-out for a new colorful M. The shift in the logo is supposed to represents some of the changes that Google made to the service earlier in the year. Things like video conversations and real-time chat were integrated into the system. Also, Google has underscored its improvement in regards to collaboration.

The search giant is attempting to get a few steps ahead of its competition. There are other services from the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and even Facebook that Google faces competition from in this segment. So, the plan is for Google to integrate its Meet video conferencing directly into its popular Docs, Sheets and Slides applications. This is an attempt to give you fewer reasons to a competing platform.

Sometimes organizations need to do a rebrand to shake the public up. Even when nothing changes but the logo graphics, this can help drive user adoption. This makes sense, if you think about it. People often forget what tools they have at their disposal. You can consider this rebrand to Google Workspaces a friendly reminder. Remember, Gmail has been around for about a decade, now. So, a rebranding can do it (and its associated tools) some justice in the public eye. Google already has a great set of tools that many people use, so don’t think the rebrand to Google Workspace is going to hurt anything.

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