The Xbox Series X will be priced at $499
Image Credit: Microsoft

Xbox Series X price

After a long wait, we finally found out what the Xbox Series X price is going to be. The console will set you back $499 dollars and you can pick up one for yourself on November 10th. Also, there was a leak recently that showed the Xbox Series S. The Series S is expected to be a lower-cost console that doesn’t have a disc drive. The Xbox Series S will cost $299.

Xbox Series X financing is available

Microsoft will offer ‘Xbox All Access’ financing for both the Xbox Series X and Series S. For the Xbox Series X, payments will be $35 per month. The Series S, Microsoft’s lower-end console is priced at $25 per month. This is Microsofts attempt to capture as much of the market as possible. A large global rollout of the cheaper console along with the more expensive one will help facilitate this. So, the Series S will be available on the same say as the Series X, November 10th.

Backward compatibility

The Xbox Series X has full backward compatibility with previous Xbox titles. This means you will be able to play all the Xbox One games that you currently have on your Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is not expected to be as widely compatible, though. Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series S will depend on its own enhancements and compatibility features for its upcoming console. So it won’t neccecarily support all the backward compatibility related enhancements that the Xbox Series X will be getting.

4K capability

The Xbox Series X will be 4K gaming capable. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, will be a lower-power version. It should be 1080p and 1440p gaming capable and that it will have less RAM and a less powerful CPU than the Xbox Series X.

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