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So far this year Apple has held two virtual events. The PC pioneer, however, still has more things to show us. Next Tuesday, on the 10th of November, Apple is having its ‘One More Thing’ event. Something that we would really like to see at the event would definitely be a Mac running on an ARM CPU.

Apple’s move from x86 to ARM is going to completely shake up the entire computer industry. One look at Apple’s A-series chips shows that apple can make some extremely powerful, highly efficient processors.

It’s going to take quite a bit of time to fully make the transition away from Intel. You can expect the phase-out to run for about 2 years or so. Also, Apple has pledged that it will continue to support the millions of Intel-powered Macs for ‘years to come.’ We aren’t exactly sure what specs the first Mac-powering ARM CPU will have, but we do know that the first Apple Silicon developer kit iis running an A12Z SoC. That’s the same chip found in the 2020 iPad Pro.

A Little Apple CPU History

Although the company switching to intel is definitely big news, it’s nothing new. Remember, this is Apple’s 4th major CPU architecture. Originally, they used the Motorola 68K platform before switching to PowerPC. From PowerPC, they transitioned to Intel. Now, they are moving from Intel x86 to in-house designed chips that use the ARM architecture.

Say what you will about the company, but the market definitely follows their lead. It’s not so much that Cupertino invents things, though they surely do, but the magic lies in knowing exactly when a technology is mature enough to put on the market.

The unspoken rule being: If Apple thinks its worth selling, then it probably is.

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