US Voters

Twitter is asking US voters to vote a bit sooner than usual, and the company is telling people how to do just that. Starting yesterday, users of Twitter in the United States started to see a message that asks them to vote ahead of schedule. The message is accompanied with information from BallotReady, which is apparently a non-partisan organization. Also, the social media titan is asking users to retweet how to vote early to their followers.

Extra bells and whistles for US voters

In addition to these things, US Voters can also use the hashtags #IVoted, #VoteEarly, #IVotedEarly and/or #YoVoté, when they tweet, and Twitter will add a custom emoji and a special animated like button. Lastly, Twitter is sending users notifications that will send you to an Public Service Announcement that has more early voting information.

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The had recently took steps to fight the spread of misinformation regarding the election. Twitter had issued warnings and then applied restrictions to people promoting misleading tweets. A few days ago, Twitter started making it hard to retweet in general. It brought users to a quote tweet prompt before they could proceed. Twitter says it will ‘continue to share reminders with voting deadlines and resources’ all the way to election day.

It’s good that Twitter is taking steps to help US Voters because well, trump sure isn’t. FYI, that name was intentionally left un-capitalized. Why even bother giving the man that much respect. The clown-president has already basically murdered 200,000 current actual once-living Americans. The conspiracy-theorist-in-chief has made us look like fools to the rest of the world in the process. He has systematically robbed our children’s children’s of their future by changing important environmental and economic regulations. All for the sole purpose of achieving some sick, incomplete sense of glory.

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