PlayStation 5
Image Credit: Platestation

Sony’s PlayStation 5 comes in only one color. White. But if you don’t like that, there’s a company called PlateStation that makes a line of overpriced colored plates that will help you customize your console.

These customization plates let you change the color of your PS5, and they come in the following styles:

  • Cherry red
  • Chromatic silver
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Camo

They are easy to install, all that you have to do is remove the existing white plates from your PlayStation 5, Then, snap on the replacement plates.

These plates are some of earliest customization options that you can find for the just-released Sony PlayStation 5. This is not too surprising. There is a high demand to change the appearance of the console. First, there has been quite a bit of criticism regarding the design. Also, there are plenty of memes out there that make fun of how the PlayStation 5 looks. Its not symmetrical, and it’s rather large. Sony has generally always had issues in designing consoles when it comes to the aesthetic. Everyone remembers the PS3. The only console you could both play games on and cook burgers and hotdogs with.

White isn’t like, super popular right now, so I get it. You can check this link to see all of PlateStation’s covers. And if you have $40 that you could literally light on fire and not miss, you are more than welcome to purchase one. But remember: 25,000 people will die tonight because they cannot afford food.

Priced perfectly for PlayStation fans

Whoa whoa whoa. The PlayStation 5 is great and all, but let’s slow down a minute. Hold the phone. Wait. $40 for a tiny, thin, mass-produced, injection-molded piece of plastic? Well, I guess it’s ok, I mean, you have to pay for the brand. All that research and dev… wait a minute. This is not a Sony product? Its third party? So, you mean to tell me, there is no reason at all for the absurd price? So what you are saying is.. the price is not high because Sony has to pad in the development costs of the PS4? So basically, what you mean is.. this PlateStation company just has a 95% profit margin. Ok, cool. Just making that clear.

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