iPhone 12

Apple has officially sent out its invites for the October 13th iPhone event. Its going to happen at 10AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). The catchphrase this year is ‘Hi, Speed.’

Apple is the same company that brought us the mouse. They know how to innovate. Apple will likely showcase multiple new devices, rather than just a single iPhone in the coming event. There is a good chance there will be two versions of both a smaller and larger device. We are hearing that there will be a pair iPhone 12 Pros along with a pair of standard iPhone 12s. So, all in all, you can expect four new iPhones this year. This means that 2020 will be the year that Apple released the most brand new iPhones at once.

iPhone 12 will have several versions

In a move that was rather unexpected, Apple is making its iconic iPhone(s) a lot more diverse, physically, than any time before. The tiniest version that will be announced at the big event is probably a 5.4-inch iPhone 12. When it comes to size, this iPhone will be somewhere between the original and current iPhone SE that was released earlier in the year. At the other end of the line-up, Apple is expected to reveal the largest phone yet: a 6.7-inch version of its iPhone 12 Pro.

It’s what’s under the hood that really matters

There is expected to be a lot of new aesthetics this year, but the chips inside the new phones are what’s truly exciting. The iPhone 12 series will be equipped with Apple’s all-new A14 Bionic SoC. The A14 is Apple’s latest mobile SoC (System on Chip). We expect the A14 bionic to be similar in performance to the chip Apple used in the last-generation iPad Air, which is considerably speedy.

Still unclear on exact performance figures

We aren’t sure, though, just how this new processor will compare to the ultra-fast A13s. We’re hoping that Apple has some improvements in store in the way of power efficiency. Considering 5G is looming around the corner, power efficiency is crucial. The rumor mill is ripe with claims that all iPhones from now on are going to include 5G support to some degree. The faster mmWave 5G, though, is expected to only be available on a single, top-end iPhone 12 model.

Remember, Apple said that it was going to switch from to in-house ARM processors from Intel’s x86 CPUs. So, expect to see at least a glimpse of the first ARM-based Mac pretty soon.

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