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Microsoft and Qualcomm are joining forces in an attempt to get more developers to make apps that are compatible with the ARM version of Windows. The two two businesses released an app called ‘Assure’ which aims to help software creators address any compatibility issues that ARM users have to deal with.

Microsoft launched the app back in 2018 to assist developers make the transition from Windows 7 apps to Windows 10. The latest version of App Assure is designed to help app creators optimize their programs for for Qualcomm’s mobile processors

Microsoft’s App Assure with FastTrack program is a service designed to help customers, developers, and independent software vendors address application compatibility issues, at no additional cost for qualifying customers. A focus of the program will be to engage vendors to deliver compatibility of Windows 10 apps on Snapdragon compute platforms so that users working anywhere can confidently use Windows 10 apps on Snapdragon-powered devices.


Although Qualcomm hasn’t said too much about the program or what it will actually do. Microsoft did mention a few things. We got a little information from Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, we he earlier explained that the program would see the company’s engineers reaching out, engaging, and directly supporting developers in order to ensure their apps run great across all Windows platforms.

Panos mentioned that his company is ‘putting a lot of energy into this.’ in regards to the program when he briefly teased it earlier this month when Qualcomm had first introduced the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2. The Microsoft CEO made it clear that ensuring compatibility was a number one priority at the company.

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