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For Firefox 83, Mozilla launched a security feature that makes sure you’re always on secure sites. The new ‘HTTPS-Only‘ mode will automatically connect to the HTTPS version of a given website.

Even if you manually type in a web address that uses the HTTP protocol in the address bar, Firefox 83 will switch to the HTTPS version for you. Also, Firefox will ask for your permission to load websites that aren’t encrypted via HTTPS.

Non-HTTPS Sites Are in Trouble

Firefox is going to display an error message that explains the security risks involved when you connect to a non-HTTPS website, and why its so important to only use secure sites. This is going to scare a lot of people into not visiting a lot of sites. There are many, many websites on the internet that are not HTTPS and actually pose no risk to the user. But the thing is, you have no real way of knowing that for sure. Also, what if that website gets hacked? You are exposed then.

The Internet is Moving Towards More Secure Sites

Google is doing something similar with Chrome. Eventually, the non-secure internet will be a thing of the past. Sending traffic over unencrypted HTTP is actually really very dangerous. Sure, this will hurt some sites on the internet that cannot afford an SSL certificate, but in reality, if they are not pulling in enough traffic to pay for an SSL certificate, then they don’t have a very popular website anyways.

This is something that a lot of people are going to complain about, but it really needed to happen. Now, if you are going to be taken seriously on the web, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate. This is definitely a good thing.

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