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Apple is supposedly developing a new charging accessory for the iPhone. It is supposed to be some battery pack that magnetically fixes to the back of the device using MagSafe tech.

Some prototypes have been seen with rubber casing. We are thinking that the battery pack itself isn’t supposed to act as a protective case in the way that prior iPhone battery accessories from Apple have. Along with details circling this new battery case, reports are also starting to surface that claim that the iPhone lineup is unlikely to receive support for reverse wireless charging anytime soon.

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This potential battery pack accessory could have been in development for around a year. This project has apparently had some issues in its development that relate to the iPhone’s software incorrectly thinking that the battery pack is overheating.

The report mentions that Apple is cautious about announcing any charging accessories. This is because it was forced to cancel its AirPower charging mat back in 2019. That was 1.5 years or so after it was first announced. Similar development problems may mean that the new battery pack accessory could be delayed or even scrapped.

This would-be charging pack, if it comes out, is going to be the latest in Apple’s lineup of iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories. The company has been making a push for a return to the popular charging connector. It’s not just phones that are getting the MagSafe treatment. The company is also bringing MagSafe back to its laptops as well.

Rumors regarding the new battery pack first started to show up after a reference to it was spotted in the code for the iOS 14.5 beta. That reference in the code is now removed.

Along with this battery pack, Apple has somewhat of an interest in letting its devices charge each other. Apple had originally planned for its 2019 iPhone family to be able to charge AirPods wirelessly. These plans, however, were scrapped.

Other accessory makers are already copying Apple. They are trying to offer the same functionality with unofficial third-party add-ons. You can find them on Aliexpress and Alibaba.

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