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Russia has threatened to slow down the regional connection to Google and issued the only relevant search company a small fine for failing to remove content that breaks outdated laws in the country.

On Tuesday, a Russian ‘court’ issued Google a 6 million rubles fine. In actual money, that is worth about $80K. This tiny everywhere-but-Russia fine was issued for failing to delete content that Russian ex-KGB leader deems illegal.

The court later issued three separate fines of 2 million rupees.. sorry, I mean rubles, after finding the U.S. internet giant guilty of ‘some other stuff.’

Russia’s (state run) media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, had recently given Google 24 hours to delete videos that contain drugs, violence and extremism.

Say’s Russia, though.

In a statement reported by TASS, a (state run) news agency, the watchdog said Google had failed to remove links to pages that contain ‘prohibited information.’

Lets just say that out-loud real quick. All of us. Come on.




‘Prohibited Information’

Ok, now just let that sink in for a second.

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