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Nvidia has released this year’s fourth quarter earnings. The company’s GPU shortages doesn’t seem to have affected their bottom line. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Nvidia reported a record $5 billion in revenue for the quarter. That is 61% more than this time last year. More impressively, the company is expecting to make another $5 billion in revenue during Q1 of next year.

This surprisingly positive situation is even more so because Q1 earnings are usually lower than the rest o the year. This is true even for the most massive tech organization, This makes sense because electronics are the most popular thing, really, and people buy a ton of them during the holidays and not too much after that for a while.

The graphics giant says that most of its $5 billion in estimated revenue to come in Q1 2022 with be provided by the gaming market. Since Nvidia launched the RTX 3000-series graphics cards, the company has not been able to meet demand. Remember, Nvidia is not the only company that is having a hard time in this regard. AMD is struggling more than Nvidia. They are having a hard time keeping graphics cards in stock.

Nvidia is making changes to make things easier for gamers to get a hold of a graphics card, rather than cryptocurrency miners. The RTX 3060 desktop graphics card is being limited on a driver level to drastically weaken its ability to mine Ethereum, cutting profits literally in half. This is an effort by Nvidia to to discourage cryptocurrency miners from purchasing it. This should leave some stocks from gamers.

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