Elon definitely knows how to do things. The man has single-handedly changed the world on many levels, so why doubt him? Direct Democracies make sense. It’s 2020, and it will be several more years before we are on Mars. We have the technology for a direct democracy.

Direct Democracy

Most likely the form of government on Mars would be a direct democracy, not representative. So it would be people voting directly on issues. And I think that’s probably better, because the potential for corruption is substantially diminished in a direct versus a representative democracy.

Elon Musk

A Direct Democracy is The Best Form Of Government

Musk also mentioned that on Mars, it should not be easier to make new laws than it is to get rid of out-dated ones. He explained:

I think I would recommend some adjustment for the inertia of laws would be wise. It should probably be easier to remove a law than create one. I think that’s probably good, because laws have infinite life unless they’re taken away.

Elon Musk

Direct Democracies started to not make much sense as populations started to sore. Now, the democracies on earth have 10 or even hundreds of millions of citizens. It’s hard to get a vote from all of them even just one time a year. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to consult an entire populous on every single issue?

Actually It’s Super Easy

We have the technology, now, to overcome a direct democracy’s ‘large population barrier’. And honestly, I can’t think of a better place to start than a literal whole new world and I can’t think of a better leader than Elon Musk. I get that a direct democracy negates the need for a leader, but I mean, Elon Musk is awesome. Haha..

Direct Democracy

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