Image Credit: [HLRS/ShoeMedia]

Nvidia said in a statement that German research firm HLRS (High-Performance Computer Center Stuttgart) is going to use its GPUs to accelerate its AI models.

Increasing in size by three-fold since 2002, HLRS is among the largest supercomputing companies in Europe. In addition to its size gains, HLRS has also managed to increase its revenue by 20 times over the same time period. A lot of the supercomputing firms’ growth has come from the development of AI in 2020 alone.

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HLRS made its first foray into AI in 2019 when it installed a Cray CS-Storm supercomputer that was equipped with over 60 Nvidia GPUs. The German supercomputer center is running AI programs using this system already. It’s being used to analyze market data for Mercedes-Benz, and some German investment banks.

Now, High-Performance Computer Center Stuttgart has a deal with Nvidia that will see the addition of 192 Nvidia A100 GPUs to its InfiniBand Network.

During the early phases of the currently still on-going coronavirus pandemic, HLRS leveraged AI to help predict when hospital beds would be full to capacity in intensive-care units.

So, now that HLRS is making such a substantial investment in GPU technology, other supercomputer projects are expected to follow suite.

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