is up and running. The Election was weeks ago. Accurate media projections and state-certified results have already shown a Joe Biden win. The in-denial trump (intentionally uncapitalized) administration has not yet started the transition process. is Very New

Also: Twitter is Recommending that US Users Vote Ahead of Schedule

Earlier today, GSA (General Services Administration) Admin Emily Murphy sent a letter to Biden. It said that the official process had finally been approved. It’s important to note that she came to this choice on her own. trump has nothing to do with it. And why would he? He lost the election and he looses all political power on the 20th of January.

In a way, I’m glad that the Clown-President administration continues to violate the legitemant election. Insisting that it will not concede its loss in the election gives the Biden campaign access to special federal funding. They can use that to make the governmental transition happen ahead of the January inauguration.

Also, it gives Biden access to official .gov domains. So, the Biden-Harris administration launched a site using There, you can find policy information, cabinet selections, and more.

As for social media, Twitter and Facebook have pledged to pass over control. The official @potus and associated accounts will be given to Biden once he is sworn in.

Hahaha.. you know, it’s really great to see everything be handed over to a new president. This is as it should be, while the conspiracy theorist-in-chief continues to deny the election results.

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