The best cloud storage solution for growing business needs

These days, as so many of us operate from home, it is more crucial than ever to have secure cloud storage. But how do you pick which one for you is right?

You can choose how much free storage space you want. It’s easy, but that’s just one part of the story. The real benefit of a cloud storage service comes from how well it performs for you or your company.

As you will see, some perform even better than others in some operating systems and organization plans. If you’re looking for the best cloud solution, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Storage Service

You need to know what the cloud is to understand what cloud computing entails. It is a resource in one line, usually processing power or storage, that you can use electronically directly, either for free or for a charge.

Think of it as self-storage facilities, beloved by home movers and landlords, except you load cloud storage accounts with your files instead of overflowing them with bins. Hundreds of resources come under that umbrella term, and many people name them cloud backups, online storage, online drives, file sharing, file storage, and so on. All of those terms are interchangeable.

It’s a protected virtual environment, at its simplest, that you can typically enter from your browser or applications (including smartphone apps). Typically, the physical location of the files is either in a data center, on a computer, on a hard disc, or solid-state drive.

The Best Cloud Storage Services to Consider

  • Icedrive – optimum for mobile cloud storage
  • pCloud – optimum for lifetime access (cloud storage)
  • Zoolz – Optimum for max-storage, long-term cloud storage
  • IDrive – Optimum for backups
  • Sync – Optimum for heavily controlled industries
  • Google Drive – Optimum for free cloud storage service
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Optimum PC (windows) users
  • Apple’s iCloud – Optimum for Apple user
  • Dropbox – Optimum for most users (more user friendly)

What’s a VPN?

You’re not secured when you connect to an unsecured wi-fi network uploading your data on cloud storage at the nearest coffee shop. An unscrupulous agent could snoop on your web traffic, or maybe the free wi-fi is bogus and deliberately programmed to steal data from anybody who connects to it. Governments and marketers are happy to access your details on the site. Even your ISP, or Internet service provider, is trying to benefit from your anonymized details being sold.

Your data passes through an encrypted tunnel to a server run by the VPN provider while you are linked to a VPN. From here, it goes to the Internet. It can’t be intercepted while in transit, preventing sleazes at the coffee shop from snooping upon you. Your actual IP address cannot be discerned on the open Internet, so the traffic seems to be originating from the VPN server. Routing your traffic via the VPN’s server often spoofs your location effectively.


If you are ever nervous about who could be peeping over your virtual shoulder, then try a virtual private network or VPN. ExpressVPN, an impressive entrant in the field of customer VPNs, has a broad distribution of servers across the globe, meaning one is likely to be right at hand. It has also invested heavily in building a clean and stable enterprise and describing how it works. While the reliability of its offering has changed, with what it gives the average customer, it’s also on the pricey side.

With the best review on ExpressVPN to help you decide, it will be much easier to pick the tool that will suit your needs the best.


  • Audited ‘no-log’ VPN with a strong track record for privacy
  • Centered in the Virgin Islands of Britain (no preservation of data)
  • Reliable speeds & efficiency of networks
  • Easy, user-friendly applications
  • High features of encryption & authentication
  • Fits with Netflix & other providers for streaming
  • Permitted torrents on all servers
  • Up to 5 concurrent links
  • Strong service from customers


You can switch between a billing cycle of one month, six months, or one year. The monthly price gets lower as the term length increases. Bear in mind that ExpressVPN gives a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. Before engaging in a reduced-priced, longer-term contract, it may be a smart idea to trial the program for a month.

You will be able to move between an infinite number of servers and retain five links at once for each subscription. You can obtain an extra license or set up a VPN router to get an unlimited number if you are looking for more simultaneous connections. For each subscription, you will be able to use an infinite range of gadgets I love.

The Bottom Line

VPN software is a must-have in today’s world. You never know when you might need it, and that’s why it’s so convenient to always have it on your device to put yourself one step ahead of the hackers as well as those who claim to have no malicious intentions yet still spy on you.

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