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In an effort to find holes in its network, the US Department of Defense gave a small company out of Florida control over around 175 million of the Pentagon’s IP addresses.

The small company, Global Resource Systems, started managing the IP addresses on January 20th. According to a Pentagon spokesperson, this is a ‘pilot effort’ used to help ‘identify potential vulnerabilities’ and also to ‘prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space.’

The IP addresses are still owned by the Department of Defense. The company that is helping the Pentagon with their network was only founded in September of 2020. Also, the tiny company does not appear to have any other federal contracts. It also doesn’t have a website.

The initiative is being headed by a group within the Pentagon called ‘Defense Digital Service.’ DDS is tasked to solve technology problems and does experiments for the US military. DDS reports directly to the US Secretary of Defense.

We aren’t exactly sure what Global Resource Systems has been tasked with doing for the DoD (Department of Defense), but we do know that it sent a ‘fire hose of internet traffic’ at the DoD IP addresses. This may give the DoD information about how attackers operate, and it may highlight any possible settings that need to be changed.

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