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After much anticipation, as of this morning the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are finally available for pre-order. These next-gen consoles are backward compatible with existing games and Xbox One wireless controllers. Some people, though, might want a second Xbox Series X wireless controller Controller. If that’s the case for you, then you’re in luck. Even though the console is all-knew, Redmond is doing the public a solid. They are keeping the controller price the same. That’s right, you can get you’re brand new Xbox Series X wireless controller for just $60. That’s the same price as the controller that came before it. Also, the software giant had previously confirmed that controller still uses AA batteries.

Xbox Series X wireless
Image Credit: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Still Supports Play and Charge

If you prefer a play-and-charge controller, Microsoft also sells a rechargeable battery pack that comes with a USB-C cable for $25. If you buy these things now, Microsoft estimates that your next-gen console and controllers will show up at your door no later than November 10th. In comparison, Sony’s DualSense PS5 game-pad costs $70. In Sony’s defense, however, their controller does comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. The Series X controller is all-black, while the Series S controller is all-white. There will be a special two-toned Shock Blue version at the time of launch.

Xbox Design Lab Outage

Microsoft announced that its Xbox Design Lab will temporarily go offline starting October 14th. So, if you plan on designing a custom controller, now is the time to do it. After the planned outage, its supposed to come back online some time in 2021 with an upgraded interface.

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